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  1. The contests can be initiated by anyone who qualifies - we reserve the right to decide which images and photos to display on our website. There is no restriction on gender or age.
  2. The contests could be about any kind of apparel, for example, evening dresses, swim wear, Halloween costumes, etc.
  3. All contests last for three months.
  4. Selected contestants will be featured on our welcome page and/or other pages on our web site linking directly to their contest pages.
  5. To start a contest or participate in a contest you need to do the following:
    1. If you have never registered before, the first step is to register to receive an ID to be used in all your future contest applications.
    2. Buy a CVS Digital One-Time Use Camera from CVS or a Web Imaging Disposable Camera/Film Package from us to take pictures.
    3. Mail the undeveloped camera/film back to us for FREE film developing and scanning. We will decide which pictures you take with the camera/film are good enough for our contests. If you are not the initiator, your camera/film need to be received within two months of the announcement of the contest.
    4. Fill out a form providing the brand names of the clothing that you had on in the pictures and the name of the photographer who has taken the pictures and given you the permission to use the pictures.
  6. The following factors will affect your scores:
    1. The total number of clicks you get for the web sites of the fashion stores or designers. Repeated clicks by the same visitor will not be counted toward the total number of clicks.
    2. Your popularity. This will be based on the amount of votes (both positive and negative) you receive.
  7. Each contestant will win a cash prize in US dollars which is equal to ten time the number of contestants who are in the same contest but of lower standings, plus twenty dollars. For example, if your score is the fourth highest among seven contestants in a contest, the prize you will win is (7 - 4) * 10 + 20 = 50 US dollars.
  8. Contestants will be paid commission fees if they generate sales for any of our affiliate merchants while the contest is ongoing.
  9. All contest pages will be kept on our web site even after the contests end. Sales generated after the contests end belong to DressKing Inc.
  10. Contestants can ask us to link to their own web sites from their contest pages.

Note: Contestants are welcome to show your friends your contests and let them vote for you by linking to your contests pages.

If you have registered as a contest participant and are sure that you have understood the contest rules above, please click on the link below to fill out a contest application form.