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Web Imaging Disposable Camera/Film Packages are offered by Dress King an easy web imaging solution. Each package contains a disposable camera or a roll of film. Simply take photos with the disposable camera or film and mail it back to us and your photo album with be online for public viewing or private sharing.

Prices for Web Imaging Disposable Camera/Film Packages range from $9.99 to $20.99, and they all cover the cost of a disposable camera or a roll of film, professional film developing, film scanning, and unlimited time of online photo album hosting, as well as shipping & handling, and tax.

If with your permission, the pictures you take with our cameras/film are selected to be used in our Public Photo Albums, you will receive a full refund for the purchases of the cameras/film.

Private albums are as shown in this sample album: Diane. The password for this album is "guess".

To buy a Web Imaging Disposable Camera/Film Package, please choose a disposable camera or film below and place the order.

Kodak Film

Note: Disposable cameras are recyclable. We send all disposable cameras to camera manufacturers for recycling.